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What is Health Insurance?
Health Insurance is a social security system that guarantees the
provision of a benefit package of health care services paid from funds
created by pooling contributions of participants.
What is the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)?
How many members of a family are covered by my contribution?
Any special arrangement for contributors having more than one wife and four children?
Can my child above 18 years benefit from my contribution?
If I am on Single/Individual Health Plan, can my relatives benefit from my contributions?
Is there a limit to the medical bills that Sterling Health will pay?
No limit, as long as the care is within the provision of the benefit
Can I select a provider outside Sterling Health list of providers?
How do I change my provider in case of transfer to another town?
If I am not satisfied with the services of the provider who do I complain to?
How does a beneficiary who falls ill outside his/her location get treated?

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