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PROVIDERS can expect:

Prompt claims payments.

Access to Provider Portal to swiftly transact with us.

Attentive dedicated Liaison Officer.

Routine sensitization and quality assurance.

Swift and easy referrals and authorizations process.

and more!






CLIENTS can expect:

A Dedicated Client Service Officer.

Assurance enrollees are being well cared for.

Access to Client Portal to manage enrollee and benefit portfolio.

Competitive service premiums.

Quarterly Health Talks and Interactive sessions.

Customized health events.

and more!






ENROLLEES can expect:

Timely Hospital Service.

Quality Drugs and Treatment.

Access to Enrollee App & Portal to manage care and well being.

Quickly answered Help Lines.

Access to multiple hospitals.

Preventive healthcare checks.

Change of hospital when needed.

and more!











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