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About Us:

We are a National Health Insurance Agency (NHIA)-accredited Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that has been providing 24/7/365 quality affordable healthcare service to the public and private sector nationally since 2007.






Our Offer:

-Quality health care plans

-Innovative ICT solutions

-Dedicated, responsive and attentive staff

-Suite of value-added  services

-A robust hospital and provider network

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 Our Plans: Get Details here.

  Basic - Everything you need to get started

  Classic - Taking the Basic plan a notch higher

  Bronze - Stepping things up a bit

  Silver - An added touch of Silver

  Gold - Entails the exclusivity that Gold offers

  Platinum - Raising the Gold bar

  Platinum Extra - The Ultimate Plan

  Contact us at 07009110911 or for a full price listing.







 Some of our Value Added Services

  Prescription Refill Delivery

  Health Fitness Programme

  Onsite Health Checks

  One On One Physician Consultation

  Appointment Booking

  Enrollee Promotions

 and many more!













 Sample of Clients



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We can be reached at our Address: 99 Opebi Road, Valley View Plaza, Ikeja, Lagos, email or phone 08023020934 and  08021210747.

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